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Vision 2006

Looking into the
future, five years
at a time

Vision 2006

Vision 2006 is simply a look into the future, five years into
the future to be exact. 

Based upon the GCLA's ever-expansionist goals, and taking into
account untapped lacrosse markets, this list simply illustrates
what the GCLA lineup COULD look like five years from now.

We begin by including ALL of the GCLA teams that participated
during the 2001 spring season. Any additional new teams in any
city are simply designated with Roman numerals.

Any city within our target area of over 100,000 in population
is to be considered on our "hit list". Metropolitan areas
or concentrated counties are also to be considered targets for
our league.

This list in no way differentiates between conference members
or at-large members. Basically, a GCLA member is a GCLA member.

If you happen to live in any of these places, and would in any
way like to help make our vision come true, you are urged to
contact our league immediately.


Proposed GCLA Lineup in 2006


Houston Metropolitan LC
Club Texas Lacrosse
South Texas Storm
Houston LC (GCLA)
Pearland/Alvin/Friendswood LC
Galveston LC
Pasadena/Deer Park/LaPorte LC
Houston I
Beaumont LC
University of Houston LC
Sam Houston State LC
Lamar University LC
Brazoria County LC


San Antonio LC
San Antonio I
San Antonio II
Corpus Christi Kahunas LC
Texas A&M-Kingsville LC
Victoria LC
Laredo LC
Brownsville/McAllen LC
UT-San Antonio LC


Jackson LC
New Orleans LC
UA-Little Rock Trojans LC
New Orleans I
Baton Rouge LC
Lafayette LC
Lake Charles LC
Mobile LC
Gulfport/Biloxi LC

Additional Thoughts......

As one can see, we COULD have 30 or more teams in the GCLA
by 2006!

We did include some colleges, and here's our rationale:

Some city-commuter schools such as Lamar University, the
University of Houston, and the University of Texas at San
Antonio might have a better chance for success by fielding
teams in a club league rather than a college league. The
commuter nature of such schools works against the five-day
practice grind that is required to compete against other
schools that are currently competing in the college leagues.
In addition, our rules would open the door to
faculty, graduate students, and school employees. This would
help these teams make up the difference from not having the
five-day per week practices.

This could prove to be a very exciting five year period. This
list will be rolled over every year. It will be interesting
to see just how far we go by 2006, and at that time it will
be even more interesting to see where we go from there.