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The GCLA Way

When the GCLA was first formed back in 1995, we felt as
though numerous and substantial changes needed to be made
from what the club lacrosse experience had become in our area.
This in no way detracts from the good things our prior
league had been doing, but in some areas it was clear that
club lacrosse had lost its way.

At that time we were a classic "reform" league. We proposed
and later installed certain things that our prior league
had never dared. 

Now, many years later, the GCLA has become the predominant
club league in many areas of our region. The main challenge
for us as a league is to continue to grow, while at the same
time not losing our sense of duty to the game as well
as our principles. In other words, while we have grown
to become the "establishment", it is extremely important
that we do not act like it. We must remain humble. And
we must never forget that "those who forget the past are
condemned to repeat it".

With that in mind, I have laid out an explanation of many
of the things the GCLA does and why. We call it "The GCLA
Way". The GCLA Way is based on logic and experience, and the
main reason why I feel I must explain things in this way
is because on the surface many of the things we do may
appear awkward or redundant. But there are underlying
reasons for all of it, and as we have been challenged to
ease up on some of the things the GCLA does, I am
constantly reminded of what will eventually happen to the
GCLA if we do. Again, "those who forget the past are
condemned to repeat it".

There are a few other pages yet to come, so be patient.
Still, these pages are available for all to see. We at
the GCLA are not in any way perfect, nor do we believe
that we corner the market on good ideas, ethics, & virtue.
However, I firmly believe that any intelligent person
reading these pages, while maybe not agreeing with everything
we decided to do, will at least understand why we do them.

-Steve Mathiason

The GCLA Way

The Nature of Club Lacrosse: Read this one first and you'll understand the rest
Our Views on Expansion: Why expansion is such a priority with the GCLA
GCLA Structure: Why our league is structured as it is
The Nature of Travel in GCLA: Some GCLA teams are travel teams, others aren't
Our Views on Roster Protection: Why it's essential for the growth of our league
Our GCLOA Officials: Why we have our own referee association
One Season, One Team: Why we have this rule