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At the 2000 Annual Meeting of the GCLA Western Conference,
a resolution was unanimously approved to create a team
which would allow members of GCLA teams to compete in
certain highly-competitive tournaments and games outside
of the normal and customary schedules of their teams.

Thus, Team GCLA was created.

As an ongoing entity, Team GCLA will announce its scheduling
intentions far in advance, enabling the squad to attract as
competitive a team as possible for each event.

David Lopez, the Assistant Commissioner of the GCLA, is now
Team GCLA's General Manager. He can be contacted at his home
number, 713-977-8837, his work number, 281-518-5723, or he
can be emailed at:

All players currently in good standing with any GCLA team
are eligible to participate in Team GCLA activities and are
required to contact David to convey their commmitment to
any certain event. David will in turn make each player aware
of any financial responsibilities that will be required.

In addition, Team GCLA will not allow any inter-team recruiting,
thereby all GCLA roster protection rules will be strictly

Because Team GCLA fits under the definition of an All-Star team,
participation on Team GCLA will in no way interfere with a
player's eligibility with their normal GCLA team.

Team GCLA Schedule

Fall 2001- Texas A&M Fall Classic, College Station, Texas

February 2002- Mardi Gras Tournament, New Orleans, Louisiana