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Shreveport Club Lacrosse

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Shreveport Club Lacrosse


The purpose of this page is to identify people interested in
starting and maintaining a club lacrosse team in the city of
Shreveport, Lousiana.

This is not a new idea, nor is it premature.

The first club team to represent the city was the old
Red River Lacrosse Club in 1992, headed by Carl Mitchell. Then
an associate member of the SWLA, Red River played an
assortment of games, and proved that they could
travel in number as well.

That first year, Red River suited up as many as 25-30
players. In addition, they hosted a major club tournament
in April of that year, attrcating teams such as Houston-Coors,
Houston-Metro, Dallas, North Dallas, and others.

The club played in 1993 as well, but by that time interest
in lacrosse in Shreveport was more centered on the high school

For more than a decade, high school lacrosse has dominated
the lacrosse scene in Shreveport. The plus side to that is that
these high schools have turned out many, many dozens of
players over that time, with many settling in the
Shreveport area.

Many times during the past decade Shreveport has been the
site of the OkLaTex Lacrosse Classic, which has featured teams
like Houston-Metro, New Orleans, Oklahoma State, LSUS,
LSU, Little Rock, Tulsa, and others.

And on a couple of occassions, the city of Shreveport has had
a team there, only to disband at the end of the tourney. When
they did play, though, they would have a full sideline of over
20 ready players.

Obviously, not only is the city of Shreveport capable of
fielding a club team, but it could also be one of the better
teams in the entire GCLA.

Please sign the guestbook below to let people know your
interest level, as well as to see who else is interested as well.
In the meantime, you can email me at

Thank you.

Steve Mathiason

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