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Shreveport Lacrosse

First Season of Competition: Pending
Primary Contact: Carl Mitchell, W 318-797-5500

Shreveport Lacrosse

For over a decade, Shreveport has been a growing hotbed
of lacrosse activity as well as a workable meeting point
for teams seeking interregional competition.

An ever-increasing number of high school programs
have sent strong numbers of players into the college
ranks. And, currently, nearby Centenary fields a
team. In addition, the GCLA plans to make strong
efforts to bring LSU-Shreveport and Louisiana Tech
back into the lacrosse-playing fold.

All of this creates a situation where there is a
large enough pool of experienced lacrosse players
to easily merit the formation of a club team.

All agree is can happen, and most agree that it will.
Its just a question of finding the right jumping point.

Contact Carl Mitchell above if anyone is interested
in getting this proposed team off the ground and onto
people's schedules.

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