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San Antonio-Metro Lacrosse Club

Setting the Pace for
Growth in Club Lacrosse
across South Texas

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San Antonio-Metro Lacrosse Club

Welcome to the San Antonio-Metro Lacrosse
Club site. SA-Metro is the newest member
of the Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association and
will compete as an at-large member.

Players of ALL experience levels are encouraged
to participate on our message board to discuss
club lacrosse in the South Texas area. Please
take the time to register in our guestbook so
the club can locate you. In addition, if you 
wish to remain anonymous about your skill level,
simply participate in our experience questionaire.

We at the GCLA believe that the potential exists
in the San Antonio metropolitan area to establish
as many as three strong, competitive lacrosse teams,
each capable of competing in the GCLA.

Over the years, countless numbers of lacrosse players
have settled in and around the Alamo City. Many of
these are products of the Texas high school ranks,
many have played college lacrosse at many of the area
schools such as Trinity, S.W.Texas State, Texas,
Southwestern, and others, and still others have 
settled in San Antonio from elsewhere.

Of course, those with no prior experience are welcome
as well.

We at the GCLA are looking for people who wish to play
in the GCLA. The SALC will compete in the upcoming 2004
GCLA season as an At-large competitor with an eye towards
forming a new South Texas GCLA Conference.

For further details you can contact the GCLA Commissioner,
Steve Mathiason, at

Please Take the Time to Register

San Antonio Lacrosse Club Guestbook: Register Your Name if Interested in Playing
Experience Questionaire: Let us know Your Experience Level
San Antonio Lacrosse Club Message Board: Discuss SA Lacrosse, the GCLA, or South Texas Lacrosse