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Your One-Stop Guide to the 2004 GCLA Playoffs!

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2004 Memorial-Hermann SportsCare GCLA Championship Playoffs


The 2004 GCLA playoffs and Invitational will be 
held May 1-2 at El Franco Lee Park just west
of the Gulf Freeway on Beltway 8 in Houston.

As many as three fields will be employed,
with games beginning Saturday morning.

Also, The GCLA Invitational Tournament will
also be played alongside the playoffs, and it
will consist of outside teams as well as
GCLA teams eliminated from the playoffs on

As a result, teams should plan on playing
both Saturday and Sunday.

Also, GCLA bylaws state that each player must
have appeared in at least one regular season
game with a team to be eligible to play with that
team in the playoffs.

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