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The Lamar University Lacrosse Club

Year Formed: 1998
1999 Record: 0-2
Location of Home Field: Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas
Colors: Red and White
Phil Russell  H 409-860-0228
Kevin Britt  H 409-769-2968  W 409-898-7011
To e-mail club:
Head Coach: Phil Russell

The Cardinal's Tale

Lacrosse at Lamar University officially became a club sport
in the spring of 1998. They immediately became associate
members of the GCLA.

The Cardinals, under Phil Russell, immediately began scouring
the campus for athletes. They met with great initial success
and within two weeks of their approval they hosted and played
their first lacrosse game- a 12-0 loss to Metro.

The Cardinals accomplished their first goal in 1998- they played
their first game. The speed with which they accomplished 
that is a model for all new lacrosse-playing colleges everywhere.

Lamar also supported the city of Beaumont's hosting of the
1998 GCLA Championships. The event introduced the sport
of lacrosse to people throughout the Golden Triangle area.

Lamar expects to build on these accomplishments and will play
6-8 games in 1999 as an associate member of the GCLA.

Lamar seeks to host a tournament on campus this spring,
perhaps early in the season, to help promote their program.
They are especially interested in having as many college teams
attend as possible. Those interested should contact Phil

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