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Corpus Christi Club Lacrosse

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Corpus Christi Club Lacrosse


This page is for those looking to play some club lacrosse
in the seaside city of Corpus Christi.

For years, the only club lacrosse at Corpus Christi
was actually in San Antonio, when lacrosse-playing military
personnel would travel from Corpus to play for Earl Bill's
San Antonio Lacrosse Club.

When Earl left that team to coach the St. Mary's Hall high 
school team, several attempts were made to get a club
team started, but it could seemingly never find traction.

Finally, a standing team was formed in 2001- The Islanders
Lacrosse Club at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi. With the exception
of one season in the LSA, the Islanders were a GCLA team, 
and competed in the 2001 and 2002 GCLA Playoffs in Houston.

The Islanders played in the GCLA's College Division as well,
but the team has apparently disbanded after the 2004 spring
semester. The talk is that it would be easier for the alumni
of this program to establish a standing club team.

Corpus Christi's finest lacrosse moment came in 2003, however.
That year, a team from NAS-Corpus Christi won the GCLA playoff
tournament with a team comprised mainly of military personnel.

The goal is to establish a club team whose core is comprised
of Corpus citizens and Islander alums, supplemented by military
personnel from the various bases. This plan, if executed
properly, would give Corpus one of the better club teams in
the entire GCLA.

Please sign the guestbook below to let people know of your
interest. In the meantime, feel free to email me at

Thank you,

Steve Mathiason

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