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Brazoria County Club Lacrosse

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Brazoria County Club Lacrosse


The local lacrosse world was shocked in the summer of 1991
when news broke of the formation of the Brazoria County
Lacrosse Club. At the time, lacrosse was unheard of in
the county.

Still, the team thrived by playing their home games in
Angleton, a town of some 24,000 souls. Under the highly-
capable direction of Whit MacLendon, Brazoria County
began play in 1992 and played through the 1996 season,
when they joined the SWLA.

Humbled by that experience, the team knew it had to
relocate its base to be competitive in that league,
and moved to Houston the following year.

Still, for the years 1992-1995, Brazoria County fielded
a team that was fun, reasonably competitive, and grew to
be much more than simply a novelty. 

With lacrosse much more prevalant now than then, and
with an ever-growing population in the county, the time is
ripe to re-establish the club once again. 

Not only can players, both experienced and not, be derived
from the cities of Lake Jackson, Freeport, Angleton,
and Alvin, but can also be gotten from the booming city
of Pearland as well.

The potential is there for the restart of a new Brazoria
County team that would fit nicely into the GCLA. Please
sign in at the guestbook below to let others know about
you. In the meantime, you can email me as well at

Thank you,

Steve Mathiason

Brazoria County Club Lacrosse

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